About Marga Avakashaya

Avakashaya means space. It is where everyone is given room and space to voice their opinion.

Avakashaya is a blog where everyone’s opinion is appreciated. The comments posted on this BLOG may not necessarily be the stand of the Marga Institute. However our philosophy is that every opinion and school of thought must be given the freedom to express itself. Even posts that are deemed as ideologically extreme will be entertained in this BLOG as long as it is supported by a rational argument. It is then that a meaningful dialogue could take place and issues could be resolved. However the Institute reserves the right to delete any comments that are derogatory in nature or offensive to any ethnic group, people’s group, persons or person. Any person could also bring to the notice/ report to the Administrator of this BLOG any comment or comments that are made by any person whom they recognize as offensive, personal or insulting. The Institute also holds the right to prohibit and bar any person who is guilty of such actions. Personal disputes will not be entertained but all complaints of serious nature will be placed before a mediation committee for amicable settlement.

The Institute’s outlook and conceptual framework have been non-partisan and ideologically open. This has enabled it to provide a forum in which groups with different ideological and political orientations have engaged in a rational and constructive dialogue on highly controversial national issues.

We wish to maintain the same spirit of independence and openness within this BLOG and trust that your comments will complement the philosophy and vision of the Institute.

We do hope that your visit to Marga Avakashaya will be an intellectually stimulating experience.

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