Clearing truth from untruth in agriculture

Taken from a lecture by Professor Buddhi Marambe

There is a ban imposed on several pesticides including all total   killer herbicides in Sri Lanka. After the ban of these time tested techniques, now there is a cry for cost-effective, alternative methods for weed control.  We missed the important problem again.  The real issue is the misuse of pesticides. Unfortunately we went and adopted a policy, imposing a ban on total killer weedicides with no proper scientific proof, kicking out a time-tested technology, dramatically affecting the Sri Lanka’s agriculture system. As we learned this outcome was based on unscientific explanations given by those who are not in the profession. The problem that we have always faced is to clear truth from non-truth, and to draw a clear line at least from now on wards in policy making towards the betterment of the agriculture sector in Sri Lanka.

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