Marga Institute - Centre for Development Studies



We invite concerned citizens who are interested in participating in the activities of the Marga Institute and its Civil Society Forum to become members of the Marga Club House. Membership will be limited to 100 persons.

The Marga Club House offers its members a unique opportunity to become part of a community reflecting on and inquiring into the quality of life and the state of human development in Sri Lanka and. seeking to be informed on current affairs.

The club house provides a facility for customized meetings and structured conversations among groups on selected topics of their choice, readings of unpublished papers and creative writings, review of selected recent publications of major significance. The facilities of a small restaurant will also be available.
Facilities – Free membership of the Library.

  • Use of Club House for special events
  • 25% discount on the auditorium facilities
  • Monthly newsletter of the new books, journals, magazines available at the Institute
  • Subscription to foreign journals
  • Ordering and Purchase of books from foreign publishers
  • Free copies of Marga Journals
  • 30% discount on all publications
  • Downloads of documents, web searches etc

Membership fees – Rs. 5000= per annum
Please complete and submit the form below for registration.