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Education and Training

Education and Training

Marga Institute, Centre for Development Studies, utilizing it’s unique experience over three decades in the field of Development Studies is pleased to offer three courses through it’s Continuing learning and Professional Development (CLDP) Programme. ;

  • MA in Development Studies and Public Policy (In collaboration with the Open University of Sri Lanka.

The Master of Arts (MA) in Development Studies and Public Policy is a programme introduced by the Marga Institute in collaboration with the Open University of Sri Lanka.

The Open University on its part provides the necessary quality assurance to the teaching function, final examination and certification of the successful students.
The Institute makes available the large body of knowledge it has acquired and the analytical tool kit developed during the last three decades devoted to the study and analysis of development issues in Sri Lanka and in the region.

This joint teaching venture is designed to develop Social Scientist who would be multi-disciplinary in their approach to development issues.

Our objectives are:

  • To design Post-graduate courses that provides a well-integrated body of multi-disciplinary knowledge and analytical skills.
  • To build a community of scholars and researchers with multi-disciplinary capabilities and skills.

Eligibility for Admission

(a) A degree from a recognized university with two years of work experience preferably in the fields of planning, administration and implementation of development projects.

(b) Secured an equivalent or higher qualification acceptable to the Senate of the Open University of Sri Lanka. The University will select students for admission from eligible applicants on the basis of a selection test conducted. The selection test will consist of a written examination and an interview.

Medium of Instruction

English will be the language of instruction and assessment.

Programme Structure and Approach to the Study of Development

The MA Programme consists of thirteen regular courses and also two Continuing Education Courses to be offered in Semesters I (one), II (Two), and III (Three) with the subject matter arranged as modules dealing with Historical, Theoretical, and Thematic issues relating to development. The Historical Module will take the student through the different phases of the development process in Sri Lanka after independence.

The Theoretical Module will cover the concepts of development as they evolved in the UN System and in the academic community, the principles of the three main social-sciences Economics, Sociology and Political Science, development indicators and research methodology. The Thematic Module will consist of cross-cutting themes and case studies which are relevant to the understanding of the development process in Sri Lanka.

They are intended to strengthen the multi-disciplinary framework of analysis to be applied for the research dissertation. This knowledge base will enable students of development to be confident in multiperspectival thinking and also play a catalytic role in individual and social system change.

Course Codes and Credit Ratings

This programme will consist of 4 credits worth of Regular Courses and 1/3 credit
worth of Continuing Education Courses. The two academic years are divided into four semesters to enable students to give undivided attention to selected courses.

Each semester will be of five months duration.  The Continuing Education Courses are spread throughout the year.

The term credit implies the number of study hours that a student should devote to a particular course.  A credit involves 450 hours of study.

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For more information please contact the course coordinator Ms. Anjalee Wickremasinghe
Tel: 2888790 (Extension – 115)  or 2054749 (Direct) for further details.