Marga Institute - Centre for Development Studies


Membership Information

Adult residents and students over 14 years of age are eligible for membership at the Marga Library.

There are four types of membership:

Personal Membership: for adults other than students 2. Institutional Membership: for institutions 3. Personal Memberships for employees working institutions which have taken out intuitional membership at the Marga Library 4. Student Membership: available for those who are studying in schools and undergraduates.

Application forms may be obtained free of charge from the library during regular business hours. The completed form must be submitted along with the relevant membership enrollment fee. Students under 18 years old require the signature of an adult guarantor on the application.

Enrollment fee

  • Personal Membership: Rs. 1000/-
  • Institutional Membership: Rs. 3000 /-
  • Personal Memberships for employees working in Institutions which have taken Institutional membership at the– Rs.500/-
  • Student Membership: Rs. 500/-

The institutional members are allowed to borrow four books for a loan period of two weeks. If a member wants to extend, the loan may be renewed for an additional two weeks if the book has not been reserved by another member. Members may reserve books at the Circulation Desk.

While primarily a reference library, special arrangements can be made to borrow certain books by paying a refundable deposit.