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Promoting Ethnic Harmony and Peaceful Co Existence

Promoting Ethnic Harmony and Peaceful Co Existence.

A spin off from the FLICT project in Ampara is an item that will carry forward the children’s programme implemented through the Posters for Peace event held in Ampara among school children. As an extension of the process children’s story books on themes related to living together with differences have been produced in Sinhala and Tamil. These will be distributed to Children’s reading rooms to form a nucleus for further addition. A children’s action project will be carried out based on the stories.

Development amidst Conflict and Disaster

Capacity building of households for sustainable human development and Peace

A Marga /FLICT Project for capacity building of selected NGOs in holistic development is being carried out in four GN Divisions (affected by both the conflict and Tsunami):

Majeed puram,
Karativu 1,
Addalachchennai 17.

Capacity building is in the form of Learning through Action. For this purpose a team comprising district coordinators, supervisors and a group of community workers has been selected from the locations. The 2 partner organizations working in the district are MWRAF and SLCDF.

Training is carried out through exercises in,
(a) Data collection and situation analysis of households,
(b) Preparation and implementation of household development plans and,
(c) Activities for promoting inter-ethnic and inter religious harmony.

Posters for Peace

Close to one hundred school children and young people gathered at the Carmel Fathima National College in Kalmunai to create posters of a different kind. This poster competition saw the participation of students from 8 schools belonging to the GN Divisions of Majeed puram, Periyaneelavanai, Karativu 1 and Addalachchennai 17 along with a few Youth Club members in the four locations. Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim children all worked together, each giving their own interpretation to the theme ‘Development through Peace…Moving forward together’. An exhibition and award ceremony followed at which judging took place under four age categories.