Marga Publications include the research work of the Institute, the Marga journal and the Translation Programme. These could be purchased from the Marga bookshop (Publication Division) or at  leading  bookstores  in  and  around the City of Colombo. Selected  Marga translations which are out of print are now being published by Godage & Bros.


World Bank Publications


In July 2010 the Marga Institute was appointed by The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development as a “Distributor” of selected Bank information products and services. Any World Bank Publication could be ordered through the Marga Institute at 50% discount on the US$ price.


Publications of the Marga Institute as at June 2011


+ Overview of the Local Government System: Towards Participatory Democracy in Sri Lankan Society - price Rs.200.00


+ Potency, Power and People in Groups, by Dr. Michael Roberts - price Rs.800.00


Sinhala Translation of :


+ The Law Governing Public Administration in Sri Lanka, by Dr. Wickrema Weerasooriya - price Rs.1250.00




Introducing Democracy: 80 Questions & Answers, by David Beetham & Kevin Boyle - price Rs.500.00


Mara Publications Price List.


Marga Publications

Available for Sale - History of Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka


1. Tamil and Muslim identities in the east – Dennis B. McGilvray(No.24 of 30)


2. Globalisation and conflict –Rohan Bastian (No.23 of 30)


3. Militants, Militarism and the crisis of (Tamil) nationalism –S. Sumathi( No.22 of 30)


4. Stage Managing the Décor: Gender, ethnicity and conflict-Radhika
   Coomaraswamy(No.11 of 30)


5. The Sri Lankan ethnic crisis – A Tamil perspective –Karthigesu Sivathamby
    (No.25 of 30)


6. The Sri Lankan theatre in the past two decades-Ranjini Obeysekera (No.26 of 30)


7. International dimension of the Sri Lankan Conflict: threat and response- Dr. Rohan
   Gunaratna  (No.27 of 30)


8. The role of the Sangha in the Reconciliation process- C.R. de Silva and
    T. Bartholomeusz (No.16 of 19)


9. Beyond the talks : Towards transformative peace in Sri Lanka – Jayadeva
   Uyangoda(No. 13 of 30)


10. Primordialist strands in contemporary Sinhala nationalism in Sri Lanka:
     Urumaya as Ur –Michael Roberts(No.20 of 30)


11. The sixth genre: Memory, history and the Tamil Diaspora imagination – R.Cheran
(No.7 0f 19)


12. Identity on the Borderline : Multicultural History in a moment of danger- Darini 
Rajasingham-Senanayake (No. 12 of 19)

13. The role of the Churches in the Ethnic Conflict –Neville Jayaweera(No.17 of 19)


Marga Journal

The Marga Journal pre-dates the Institute by approximately one year. The founders of the Institute first came together to publish the Marga Quarterly Journal.
The Marga Journal is brought out twice a year by the Institute. Each issue is devoted to a specific subject. Omnibus volumes carry the edited versions of the main presentations at Marga Seminars as well as commissioned articles. There are approximately 10,000 backcopies and 100 journals covering a wide range of development issues over a period of 35 years. Many of the articles are authored by scholars and professionals invloved in the process of planning and policy making and provide valuable insights into the evolution of development processes and policies in Sri Lanka. Several issues of the Journals are now available in electronic form. To obtain electronic copies of selected articles or for more information on the contents of the past journals please contact the Librarian.

The Institute operates an Exchange Programme with other Research Institutes and Universities. The Institute has reorganized the publication of the Marga Journal and the first two volumes of the new series which are titled:- "Peace and Reconciliation” and “Burden of Disease and Equity” are available now. The forthcoming issue is “Youth Risk Behavior and Health in Conflict Situation.”


Recent Publications

  • A History of Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka Recollection Reinterpretation and Reconciliation (25  monographs)
  • A System Under Siege? An inquiry into the Judicial System of Sri Lanka.A Social Image of the Judicial System of Sri Lanka
  • Marga Journal - Burden of Disease and Equity(April 2006)

Forthcoming Publications

  • The Right to Development - A Sri Lanka Perspective
  • Paths to Development - The story of the Marga Institute
  • The Right to Education, Food and Nutrition, Health in Sri Lanka
  • Economics of Pension and Social Security in South Asia - Sri Lanka Country Study
  • Care for the Aged:- Institutional Provisions and Social Security

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