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Youth Empowerment project

Youth Empowerment project – Sponsored by American Embassy

After the armed conflict was over in Sri Lanka, we were faced with the challenge of nation building and cohabitation. Youth will be empowered to contribute to the task of nation building when they learn to appreciate the diverse multi ethnic and multi-cultural aspects of our country. Through this project we helped to provide an opportunity to youths in North, East and Western provinces to use their creativity and express themselves and to develop an ongoing dialog among themselves.

Students from Grade 10 to 13 from five schools from North, East and five schools from Colombo/suburbs were selected for this project. Each school was helped to prepare Wallpaper which consisted of creative poems, short stories, community event reports etc., in Tamil/Sinhala/English.   Two schools, one from Colombo/suburb and one from North/East was encouraged to interact with each other during this process. They operated as partnering schools.


The final product was a printed tabloid including the material in the wall papers to be distributed among the youths. Cultural events were organized by the schools which brought youth from three areas together to build up mutual contacts.

Periodic art competitions and debating competitions will be held to foster healthy competition and interaction among schools. The periodical/Newspaper will also include articles from eminent persons on various social issues. The contents will be in Sinhala and Tamil. The second stage of the project is to train youth in civil society activities.