Today, the Marga emblem or logo is widely known and recognized in Sri Lanka and abroad by those engaged in the field of dMarga logoevelopment studies.

 What is the story behind this logo? One can easily recognize the letter M in the lower part of the logo. But on closer observation, some other features will emerge. There is the visual representation of various paths leading to a common goal. The paths however do not each lead separately to the goal which is at the apex; there are many intersections before they reach it.  The logo can also be seen as a movement upwards and the different parts needing the support of each other in that upward movement.

The logo was adapted from an ancient fish like Sinhala symbol.  In some forms, it is referred to as the ‘Buddhist Chakram’ when it appears on the reverse of ancient Sinhalese coins.

When the symbol is inverted it is similar to the Hindu Tri Weil …

It is also interesting to note that in the time of the early Christian church and the great persecutions, the fish symbol was used among Christians (who were known as followers of the way) to identify themselves. The connotation here links with the disciples who were fishermen.